Elevar Global provides our clients with instant access to almost all international markets. Our clients are equipped with an international sales team and in-market representation. The time it will take to navigate through the often confusing maze of cultural barriers, regulatory environments, and business relationships – with Elevar Global – that time is spent generating sales and revenue.

Acting as your international sales and marketing team, Elevar Global will create a comprehensive go-to market strategy that is specific to your product(s), brand vision, and corporate needs. Elevar Global’s team will ensure your sales are optimized across different sales channels that meet your brand and sales objectives. We operate in retail, e-commerce, live-shopping, direct-response, person-to-person (MLM) and other sales channels.

Concierge Service – Making it Simple and Efficient

Elevar Global can handle all aspects of your international sales and marketing efforts including but not limited to product localization, in-market certification and registration, trade show and industry conference representation, vendor selection and contract negotiations, assistance with international order processing, payment collection, logistics and many others. Let us know what kind of assistance you need.


  • Online website design
  • E-commerce platform development
  • Online retail distribution


  • Domestic and international distribution
  • Design and implementation of a comprehensive in-market sales and marketing plan
  • Active account management
  • Multi-channel approach: Retail, Live-Shipping, Catalogs, Print, Person-to-Person (MLM type channels)